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Head Lice Free Handbook

Do you want to get rid of head lice and nits using a safe, quick, cheap treatment that actually works?


Do you know you probably have the things you need at home right now?


You can find out how to treat and cure your head lice and nit problem in less than 5 minutes.


My name is Elizabeth and I am a mother of three and author of the Head Lice Free handbook.


Have you just tried another commercial head lice product that didn’t work?  Then read on ...


First, like me and thousands of others, I bet you found head lice in the hair of one of your family and bought the best head lice treatment the pharmacy had to offer.  Then, you followed the instructions to the letter but discovered that the head lice were still alive.


Even after the second treatment, which the instructions state should rarely be required, you could still find live head lice.


Next, you probably went to the pharmacy again and bought another lotion – perhaps this was highly recommended by the friendly staff.  After another round of treatment you found this one failed too.


Why was this?  Did you apply it incorrectly?  Did you wash it out too soon?  Did you leave it on too long? Did you put on enough?

Probably none of these!

The simple answer lies in the fact that head lice are Head Head Lice Scientific Research immune to the active pesticide ingredients of the shampoos and lotions.              

Scientific research has shown that an increasing number of these head lice treatments simply do not work effectively any more.  The head lice are becoming resistant to the effects of the pesticides or poisons contained within them.

Time and time again, head lice shampoo treatments that may have worked previously on one particular outbreak have little effect on that current outbreak of head lice.


If pesticides don’t work, how can I get rid of my head lice?


Well, after similar experiences to you, I decided to find something that would work.

After speaking to many friends and relations, reading our family reference books and spending hours and hours researching on the Internet, I was satisfied that I had found not one but three distinct methods of head lice and treatment that should and would work.


None of the methods included any form of poison or pesticide which, after reading several reports, I would never put on my own or my children’s heads again.


Three distinct methods of treatment that do work.


I was able to try out each of these methods and within a very short time I was delighted that my hard work and persistence had proved successful.

Each of the methods I describe kills the head lice in a different way.  Each is effective and you can choose the one that suits you or the members of your family.


There are no strange or expensive ingredients to buy and you probably have the things you need at home right now.  If not, they are all readily available store items.

These methods are all very effective and most importantly … safe!


A Head Lice idea to help others too.

When I told my husband I was going to write about our family’s experiences with head lice and nits and call it Head Lice Free, he said the title sounded like either I was petitioning for the lice to be released from jail or I was being very generous by giving away head lice at no cost!


Head Lice Free

However, when I reminded him that in the middle of a head lice crisis, all you want to be is Head Lice Free, he agreed that the title said it all.

As a mother of three, during one such head lice crisis when the expensive shampoos and lotions had clearly failed, I decided to do some research to be better equipped to deal with the situation.  I was truly amazed at the number of different solutions and opinions I found including some which were quite bizarre.  After sifting through these, talking to friends and relations and having the opportunity to try out some of my findings, I decided to write them down.













In my handbook I have included full background facts and information about head lice and nits including images and diagrams.  


However, if you are desperate to get started immediately, you can dive straight into the simple step by step instructions for the treatment method that suits you and your family.


This handbook is available for immediate download.

It is downloaded as a simple PDF file which can be read on your computer and, unlike some e-Books, can also printed out if required.


The cost of Head Lice Free is only $4.99


(I know that if this information was as easily available when I was in a head lice crisis, I would certainly have bought it!)



“This handbook will save you the time and frustration of spending hours and hours sifting through the hundreds of old wives tales trying to find a treatment that really does work.”


If you just want to have three treatment methods that actually work sitting in front of you in the next few minutes, just click the Buy Now button below.

You may be reading this page because you have a head lice crisis currently.  I trust the ideas and advice gathered through my own experiences, research and investigations and shared in this handbook will be useful to you as you too become Head Lice Free.


Yours sincerely,



Elizabeth Crawford

Author of Head Lice Free


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